What is CrossDNA?

February 23, 2021

Discipline, effort, desire to improve and perseverance are indispensable in sports performance, but there are undoubtedly elements related to your genetic heritage that influence basic aspects of sports practice, such as lung capacity, recovery time or propensity to certain types of injuries.

For this reason, knowledge of your DNA can help you get the most out of your training, avoid injuries, design the most appropriate diet for your genetic profile and plan your sporting activity intelligently to exceed your marks or goals. With this purpose CrossDNA was born.

With CrossDNA, the sample is simply taken from your saliva and collected and sent to laboratories for sequencing. Once the genome has been decoded, CrossDNA algorithms will provide relevant information about

  • the most appropriate cardiovascular physical work according to your genetic characteristics
    your lung capacity
  • the assimilation of different micronutrients according to your genetic predisposition and, as a consequence, the diet to follow
  • the injuries you are most prone to and how to prevent them
  • the aspects of your health related to your genetics that will allow you to optimize your training
  • the impact of the environment (pollution, sunlight, …) on your sporting activity

CrossDNA is therefore an essential aid to improve your performance, explore your limits and overcome your marks. This personalized genetic study allows you to know your body in depth and así́ train better or eat better.

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