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It’s not enough to train hard, you have to train smart. Exceed your unlimits with CrossDNA’s advanced sports genetic test, the most comprehensive sports DNA test on the market, for amateur and professional use. An essential tool to improve your performance, explore your unlimits and surpass your marks. This personalized genetic study allows you to know your body in depth and thus train better, feed you in the most suitable way and optimize your workouts.

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What do I get with my CrossDNA genetic testing?

It is a complete individual study on the variables that affect the physical condition and sports performance of each person, with the aim of knowing how to improve your results, your health and your diet.

The DNA is different in each person, so the factors on which our physical depends have a different impact on each of us. That’s why a training routine or diet works for one person while it doesn’t work for another.

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What variables make up the CrossDNA genetic testing?

The most direct factors that affect our sports performance are differentiated into eight groups. For each variable analyzed, we tell you which group it belongs to, its description, and we tell you your genetic result. In this way you will have no problem knowing how each factor affects you.

Here you have a small diagram about what you can find when you take the dna genetic testing:


Do you know if your fibers are fast-contracting or slow-contracting? The former promote strength and power, while the latter allow for greater physical endurance. Now that you know both types, with this genetic test you will know which ones predominate in your body, which will help you see which sports you can excel in more easily than others.

Cardio and respiration

You will be able to know the levels of pulmonary or cardiac capacity that you can reach based on genetic results, among other indicators.


Genetics already warns us of the effectiveness that can have in our body a diet low in fat or carbohydrates and our tendency to become overweight, and even our propensity to become addicted to sugar and candy! But it does not end with this. You will receive information on how your body digests certain vitamins, caffeine or your predisposition to eat more for emotional reasons. You’ll also learn about your body’s metabolic efficiency and the variants that come into play in response to physical activity.


Many people do sports to take care of their health, lose weight, control it. They make training plans and routines to achieve those goals. But when you don’t know your body and its tendencies, the diets or routines that are carried out don’t work. Part of this genetic test focuses on informing which variables should be taken into account to make these training plans and diets the right way. You will also know how it helps the exercise that you usually practice in the levels of different substances such as cholesterol, insulting … and if these levels are close to optimal amounts or on the contrary are at risk, which will allow you to be alert and know if you have to make changes in your habits to prevent.


People are impulsive to a greater or lesser extent. This can become an advantage or a problem as we are able to control it. Impulsivity makes it possible to react quickly and unexpectedly to certain events or threats. With the genetic test, you will be able to see your predisposition to this factor and other related ones, in a way that will help you to have a greater control of these characteristics to use them in your favor in a competition or in the training of the day to day.


Human beings are defined both by genetic factors and by the influence of external factors, such as environmental factors. These are the cause of certain traits or sensitivities that you may have in a particular way. These external factors give rise to differences between societies in different geographical areas. An example is the genetic mutation they have in the Jamaica area that allows them to have a higher than average potency.


This genetic test interprets which sports you can excel at by studying your ancestors. Although it is not accurate (given that there are athletes who contributed to a country but may have come from other areas) can help you get an idea of your country’s performance in each sport throughout history.

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What are the benefits of the genetic testing kit?

It doesn’t matter what sport you do, the time or the experience you take with your training. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or if you want to gain muscle mass. This dna genetic testing provides the same benefits regardless of the sports profile as it is personalized to each person. The genetic analysis not only gives you the results, but also interprets them for you and informs you of the way in which you must act to achieve the objectives you have set yourself.

Injury prevention

You will know your physical condition, your cardiac capacity, the levels of substances that come into play when you exercise and more variables that will warn you of possible risks, which will help you avoid injuries in the most sensitive areas of your body.

Diet to follow

And without forgetting that diet is a crucial factor in this area of which you will also have full information in the genetic analysis so you can have a healthy and balanced diet for your body.

Training plans and routine

Now you will be able to adapt the exercises and your habits to the characteristics that most interest you according to the sport that you practice and your characteristics. The genetic testing kit will give you all the knowledge you need, and if it doesn’t seem enough, remember that you will have the opportunity to make a phone call with one of our experts in genetic analysis.

A dna test is the best gift for athletes

Don’t you play sports? The genetic testing also interests you because it is the best solution for when you have a birthday or looming times like Black Friday or Christmas.

If you have an athlete friend or family member, you will do them a great favor by giving them a genetic analysis as a gift if they are passionate about sport.


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