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It’s not enough to train hard, you have to train smart. Exceed your unlimits with CrossDNA’s advanced sports genetic test, the most comprehensive sports DNA test on the market, for amateur and professional use. An essential tool to improve your performance, explore your unlimits and surpass your marks. This personalized genetic study allows you to know your body in depth and thus train better, feed you in the most suitable way and optimize your workouts.

Advanced sport DNA test CrossDNA with Raw Data



Get your sports genetic test at a much more affordable price by uploading your Raw Data file from your 24Genetics, 23andme, Ancestry,com, LivingDNA.

Once we have your raw data file we will analyze it with the CROSSDNA algorithm and you will receive your reports within a week.

No DNA kit is sent, it is not necessary, if you do not have RAW data you need this test. 


Know more than 90 variables to get the best out of you

Orient your training according to your abilities. Get all the performance to your physique knowing in depth the best of your sports genetics.
Train as great athletes do. Get your DNA kit and meet your unlimits. 

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