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Should I make significant changes to my diet on my own, based on my test results?

You should not make significant changes in your treatments without the validation of a nutritionist, an expert geneticist or your physician, who will have access to much more of your health history. Our tests analyze a part of the genetic markers in your body, not all of them, so they provide informative, not diagnostic, results. They provide valuable data on genetic predispositions, but there are many other factors that influence your nutrition or well-being. Therefore, our recommendation is to always consult with specialists in nutrition, health or genetics.

What exactly will I receive when I take this test?

We will send you a complete and personalized report to the email address with which you have registered your kit. In addition, you can request your raw data file at any time and we will send it to you by email (the raw data file is an electronic file containing your genetic map).

For whom is the CrossDNA sport and wellness test for?

This test is intended for anyone seeking to improve their quality of life related to health and/or sports performance, no matter what level they are at.

Can anyone take a genetic test?

Anyone, regardless of age, can take our genetic test. When it is a baby or an elderly person who is going to take the test, please inform us when ordering so that we can send you a special kit that facilitates the collection of the saliva sample.

*We do not recommend that people who have had a bone marrow transplant or have undergone cancer treatment in the last six months take this test as their results may be altered.

Will this test tell me how many calories I need to consume?

No. A genetic test does not provide this type of information since it depends on other physical and/or external factors, such as height, weight, age, sex, environmental factors, diet, activity levels, etc. For example, your genetics being what they are, you may be a sedentary person or a person with a high level of physical activity. As you can imagine, your calorie intake needs will be very different in both cases. It will also depend on your dietary goals: you may want to lose weight or you may want to gain weight. Therefore, the best thing to do with your CrossDNA test is to share it with a dietetic or nutrition service, where they will be able to design personalized guidelines that you can implement in your diet, according to your goals.

Will this test provide me with an exercise routine?

No. A sports genetic study will tell you in which type of activity you are predisposed to perform better according to your genotype.

Can I be diagnosed with a nutritional disorder, sensitivity or allergy with this test?

No. They are different tests that provide different information. Our genetic test is infinitely more complex than the tests mentioned above and the genetic information it provides cannot be obtained in any other way.

What is the scientific support for this genetic test?

This is precisely where one of the keys to CrossDNA’s service lies. Our multidisciplinary team analyzes in depth each of the published traits, by means of a scrupulous and exceptional quality control. As a result, we can guarantee the quality, filtering and extremely rigorous analysis that we carry out at CrossDNA when designing our genetic tests. In addition, the report is continuously evolving and improving, as genetics is constantly advancing.

If I have a high predisposition to injury, does this mean that I will get injured for sure?

No, having a greater genetic predisposition is not a guarantee of suffering injuries. These studies are carried out on the basis of statistical data obtained from a sufficiently large sample of people, in which the genetic differences between people who have a certain pathology/condition and those who do not are observed. The type of conclusion normally reached is that people who have a genetic alteration have a greater predisposition to suffer a certain pathology/condition. Although this does not mean that 100% of people with that alteration will have that pathology. Likewise, it does not mean that 100% of the people who do not have this alteration cannot suffer from this pathology.


How many times is it necessary to do this test?

DNA does not change, so it is only necessary to take the wellness and sports genetic test once to get all the information that our genes can offer us.

Is this test able to replace a blood test?

No. The information provided by a blood test is completely different and, in turn, complementary to that provided by a genetic test. While our test results provide information about tendencies and predispositions, a blood test describes different biomarker levels at a certain time in your life.

How will my genetic data be used?

At CrossDNA we do not sell your genetic data. Many companies in the industry, especially non-European companies, make additional profits by selling your information. 

In addition, we take your privacy to the extreme, going even beyond what European laws require us to do. From the moment you take the test, your sample becomes a random code and not even your report will carry your full name.

How is the CrossDNA sport and wellness test performed?

It is very simple. Our kit includes a document with the instructions, but we have also made a video detailing the steps to follow. Click here to watch it . Once you have done it, send the saliva sample back to us and we will extract the information from your DNA in our laboratory. Then, we will apply the different algorithms developed and permanently updated by us and we will obtain your CrossDNA report. You will receive it by email within 3 to 6 weeks after you have registered your sample code on our website.

Why do we say that CrossDna is the best Sports and Wellness genetic test on the market?

Because it is the only one that provides a holistic view of your well-being, in terms of sports, nutrigenetic and health profile. In our report you will find detailed information regarding your likely response to different diets, what type of training benefits you the most, or your genetic predisposition to have certain levels of different biomarkers.

What does it mean to have genetic advantages in traits such as potency?

The report indicates your natural tendency to perform better in that particular trait, regardless of whether you train for it or not. However, genetic propensity is not the only factor that impacts your athletic development. There are many other factors that also play a role. So, if you like to do endurance training, for example, chances are that it is that ability that you will develop most extensively, even though your genetics may not initially predispose you to do endurance training.

If I have already taken a genetic test, can you use my raw data for the CrossDNA Sport and Wellness test

Of course. If you have previously taken a genetic test with another company and have a Raw Data file, we can use your raw data to create your CrossDNA sport and wellness report. This gives you the convenience of not having to send in another DNA sample. All you need to do is purchase the product from our store, submit your file and in no time you will have your sports genetics and wellness report. Please note that the final content of our report, in terms of number of traits, will depend on the data included in your Raw Data file.

*Remember that by not sequencing with CrossDNA you will be able to receive up to 80 traits.

In which countries is this test available?

No matter where you are, we ship our kits to any country in the world and shipping is free. We will ship your order from the CrossDNA distribution center closest to you to be as fast as possible. 


If my results show a predisposition to a high-carbohydrate diet, does that mean I have to dramatically reduce protein and fat?

A correct macronutrient balance is vital for the proper functioning of the body and a diet should always be supervised by a physician or nutritionist. The information provided in our tests is for informational purposes only and has no diagnostic validity. The best way to get the most out of this report is to do it with a health professional.

Will this test provide me with a meal plan?

No, our tests do not provide a dietary regimen, but they do provide valuable information about your body’s predispositions to types of diet and absorption of different micronutrients, which will allow a health professional to design a personalized and optimal diet for you.

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