In what areas does CrossDNA fit test work?


We analyse the benefits and risks of your cardiovascular predisposition.


We inform you about your predisposition to different levels of lung capacity.


Identify how diet affects you and your ability to assimilate different micronutrients according to your genetic predisposition.


Discover variables about the genetic predisposition of aspects of your health that will allow you to optimize your training.


Learn about your personality and apply that knowledge to your training, so you can get the most out of yourself.


Understand how the environment affects you (pollution, sunlight, …) so you can guide your training.


Find out which countries your DNA comes from and, as a curiosity, the Olympic medal of your most deeply rooted country.

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What information can you find in the DNA kit?

In the CrossDNA fit test you will find more than 90 variables that will allow you to know your genetics better. But, in addition to this, we provide you with graphs that will give you visual information about your sports genetic profile, in terms of benefits and risks:


How to do the CrossDNA Sports Performance DNA Test?

You only have to rub a cotton swab inside your mouth following a few simple instructions, send us the sample and in a few weeks we will send you the DNA kit reports by email. It’s very simple. You will find everything inside the box.

What is CrossDNA?

It’s a fit dna kit specialized in sport. The most complete on the market for amateur and professional use.

An essential help to improve your performance, explore your limits and overcome your marks. This personalized DNA kit allows you to know your body in depth and thus train better, feed yourself in an ideal way and optimize your workouts.

The CrossDNA fit test is not valid for clinical or diagnostic use.

Why to choose CrossDNA?

If you are an athlete, this DNA kit is a fundamental tool for you. Thanks to the fit DNA test, which is performed through a sample of cells inside your mouth, you will be able to obtain dozens of data relating to sports practice related to your sports profile, your health, nutrition, talent and personality and you will even be able to see in which sports the athletes in the geographical area where your DNA comes from have triumphed.

Our algorithms will allow us to know your genetic predisposition with respect to key aspects in sports development such as: injuries to be prevented, elements of your health to be taken into account, sports of power or resistance, lung capacity, capacity to reduce pulsations, etc.