There are different DNA test, but ours focuses only on athletes and the people who take care of their bodies. Regardless of the level of intensity with which you practice, this DNA sport test will inform you of your predisposition to excel in various capacities, so that you can focus on what is best given to your body. In addition, it will allow you to have greater control over what habits you should have, to improve what is good and avoid what is negative for your health and well-being.

Genetic testing for athletic performance,
now at your fingertips

Fitness dna testing

The most complete DNA fitness test on the market

CrossDNA measures more than 90 variables that can influence your training and your athletic performance. Best DNA fitness test on the market to improve your performance.

fitness genes

Multidisciplinary report
for professional athletes
and amateurs

Discover your genetic predisposition to aspects of different specialties. Cardio, respiration, lesions, power, food…

dna test for fitness

More capacities analysed
and better interpretation
of the data

CrossDNA gives you more information than any other DNA test, and interprets the data from the point of view of an elite athlete.

dna analysis

Privacy Adaptation
European legislation

Your privacy is safe with CrossDNA, as it complies with European RGPD regulations. And we have the most advanced security system: Your genetic test data is not online.

Know more than 90 variables to get the best out of you


What does a DNA test cost?

It’s no secret that gene technology is expensive. But at CrossDNA we aim to ensure that there is nothing stopping us from knowing our entire body, so that everyone can have access to fitness DNA testing, but without losing the most important thing: the quality of our studies.

That’s why at CrossDNA we take advantage of globalization and economies of scale to be able to offer you the best fitness DNA testing at the most competitive price.

What is a DNA test?

It is a DNA analysis using a sample of saliva cells, with which we will extract dozens of data relating to sports related to your physical condition, your health, nutrition, talent and personality.

In addition, you will see the sports in which the sportsmen and women of the area where your DNA comes from have triumphed.