Know more than 90 variables to get the best out of you

The genetic test for high-performance athletes,
now at your fingertips

The most complete
sports DNA test
on the market

CrossDNA measures more than 90 variables that can influence your training and your athletic performance. It is the most complete sports genetic test on the market.

Multidisciplinary report
for professional
and amateur athletes

Discover your genetic predisposition to aspects of different specialties. Cardio, respiration, feeding, …

More analyzed capabilities
and better data

CrossDNA gives you more information than any other test on the market, and interprets the data from the point of view of an elite athlete.

Adaptation of privacy
to European regulations

Your privacy is safe with CrossDNA, as it complies with European RGPD regulations. And we have the most advanced security system: Your data is not online.